RDI Program correlated with the Institutional Development Plan of each partner within the Complex Project

1. RDI field (research, development, innovation)
a) Keeping Europe at the forefront of progress in smart agriculture by increasing investment at European and national level in research and innovation in digital technologies;
b) Supporting digital solutions for smart agriculture, resource efficiency, increasing farm productivity and reducing pressure on environmental resources such as soil, water and biodiversity.
2. Implementation:
a) Coherent and ambitious strategic plans of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) for the sector modernization and dissemination of knowledge, innovation and digitalisation in agriculture and rural areas and their implementation;
b) Ways to support and participate in projects on the Internet of Things in agriculture;
c) Facilitating cross-border collection and sharing of agricultural data (eg soil property databases).
3. Date:
a) Make full use of the European space programs (EGNOS, Galileo and Copernicus) for the operation of unmanned aerial and land vehicles and autonomous agricultural machinery and for decisions based on agricultural operations data;
b) Development of common databases and to promote precision agricultural solutions of Artificial Intelligence and identification of high value data in accordance with the “open data” direction.

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ENI Complex project

Eco-nanotechnologies and intelligent equipment for soil properties mapping and evaluating the dynamics of the plant in order to improve agricultural production and environmental protection

The complex project consists of 5 projects, belonging to the 7 partner institutions.

The level of digital transformation applied in agriculture is very low in Romania. The basic idea of ​​the complex project is the research-development of eco-nanotechnologies and intelligent equipment together with their associated know-how for the purpose of independent or integrated use in a digital platform in order to increase the efficiency of agricultural production and to improve the environmental protection.


1.Development and implementation of eco-technologies and intelligent equipment for soil properties mapping
2.Intelligent modules for acquiring and controlling soil property mapping processes
3. Adaptation of the methodology of elaboration of agrochemical studies to the information provided by econanotechnologies and intelligent equipment for soil properties mapping in order to increase the efficiency of agricultural production and environmental protection
4.Econanotechnology and UAV system for the monitoring of biotic components in the modeling of soil organic matter in order to reduce the impact of climatic changes in agroecosystems
5.Education of vegetable plants in dynamics, using biosensors and intelligent equipment for soil properties scanning.