Project 2

Smart modules for acquiring and controlling soil property mapping processes

Coordinating institution: UPB

The University “Politehnica”of Bucharest (UPB) proposes to establish a mechatronic (mechanical – electronic) system consisting of modules that allow the gathering of information on the soil composition with the purpose of: using these data in agriculture at parcel level, which is an innovative method of last generation that contributes to increase crop yields and decrease chemical and herbicidal fertilizer yields, increasing profitability and diminishing environmental and human health impacts. The main objective is the realization of a functional model of a mechatronic (mechanical – electronics) system consisting of intelligent acquisition and control modules of soil properties mapping processes which integrates the data obtained from ground level sensors of: temperature, humidity, PH of the soil, spectrophotometers in the wavelength range 200 – 2500 nm and GPS in a collaborative system based on data fusion. The processed data will be used to map the soil properties. The modules are mounted on a tractor-trailed platform to determine soil composition, nutrient demand, targeted on small-sized plots to cultivate high yield varieties. In order to obtain high precision for determining the composition of the solution, it will also include sensors made of advanced material. The platform is equipped with automatic electrohydraulic steering systems that combine a hydro-mechanical response servo-steering and an electro-hydraulic servo valve specific to the proportional battery dispensers required to maintain the ground level as well as the penetration of the sensor wells at a prescribed depth (up to 250 mm ) for the purpose of sampling relevant soil samples from a predetermined pathway for off-line or real-time chromatographic analysis. The system will communicate in real time with the soil sampling device to form the measurement database.